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International Conference on Women's Health and Gynecological Research
November 11-12, 2024 | Bangkok, Thailand
Theme: Global Perspectives and Recent Improvements on Women's Healthcare

About Conference
Welcoming Participants to the Scientific Endeavor: “Women’s Health and Gynecological Research" is delighted to extend a warm invitation to researchers and scholars from across the globe, inviting them to join our highly anticipated event in 2024. We take pride in introducing the "Women’s Health 2024", set to be held on November 11 - 12, 2024, in the vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand. Our conference anticipates being a dynamic and enlightening assembly, bringing together esteemed experts in the fields of Women’s Health , gynecological research, Reproductive health, Maternal health, Pregnancy care, and Pediatrics from around the world. With a diverse range of topics and presentations, participants can look forward to gaining valuable insights into the latest research and advancements in this ever-evolving field.

Aims and Scope of Women’s Health 2024
The "Women’s Health 2024” conference serves as a vital platform where experts and professionals gather to share their expertise and insights in the fields of reproductive health, maternal health, and pregnancy care. With a strong focus on scientific progress and the latest technological advancements, attendees will gain invaluable access to explore the most recent research discoveries and state-of-the-art treatment approaches.

This event has been thoughtfully planned to include motivational keynote addresses, enlightening panel discussions, and engaging workshops, establishing an environment where participants may have meaningful interactions and learn insightful new information. Additionally, the conference is set up to provide lots of networking possibilities, enabling participants to establish professional bonds and collaborate with peers from all over the world. 

Researchers and academics can actively advance medical knowledge by participating in the "Women’s Health" conference and staying up to date on the most recent advancements in their respective professions. Don't miss this eagerly awaited event, which is set for November 11-12, 2024, in Bangkok, Thailand. Join us as we work together to improve patient care and advance the study of Women’s Health, gynecology, Pediatrics, and pregnancy care.

Women’s Health 2024 Highlights
Pregnancy care and Women’s Health: Advancements in Women's Health, Reproductive Health and Maternal Care, Gynecological Trauma: Prevention and Rehabilitation, Pregnancy Care and Gynecological Surgery, Maternal-fetal medicine research, Advances in Prenatal and Postnatal Care, Pediatric, Gynecology: Childhood Gynecological Conditions, Reproductive Health and Obstetrics, Pediatric Gynecology and Pediatric Rheumatology in the Context of Pregnancy Care, Infections in Women's Health, Women's Health: Muscular System Research and Medical Devices, Types, Causes, and Diagnosis of Gynecological Disorders in Pregnancy, Pregnancy-Related Arthritis: Diagnosis and Management, Research in Contraception Methods with a Focus on Pregnancy Care and Women's Health, Advancements in Women's Reproductive and Technologies, Infections in Women's Health, Obstetric outcomes and perinatal research, Gynecology and oncology, Gynecological screenings and hormone research, Midwifery care in pregnancy, Highlighting the role of midwives in maternal care.

Women’s Health 2024 features
·         Connect with thought leaders in academia and industry for inspiration
·         Expand your understanding and explore solutions to complex issues
·         Foster connections and engage in global networking opportunities
·         Poster sessions and outstanding exhibitions
·         Valuable career guidance for students and early-career researchers
·         Well-structured and meticulously organized scientific programs
·         An excellent platform for international networking and collaboration
·         Learn from lecturers and scientists with global renown
·         Forge connections and participate in a global network-building experience

Main Reasons to be a part of the conference
·         Establish your reputation as an authority in your field.
·         Contribute your ideas and insights.
·         Share your latest research findings and innovations.
·         Acquire the essential expertise you need.
·         Enhance the potency of your professional network.
·         Seize a remarkable opportunity to engage in a global gathering of experts.
·         Cultivate new sponsorships and partnerships.
·         Enjoy a trip to Bangkok, Thailand with your family and friends.

Venue & Hospitality

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

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